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Ransomes Jacobsen’s long history begins in 1789 when Robert Ransome started his iron-foundry business with only £200.  Then, in 1832, Ransomes built the world’s first lawn mower, the “Buddings Patent” and a turf care industry leader was born.  Since then, Ransomes and later Ransomes Jacobsen has taken pride in providing superior quality turf maintenance equipment to customers around the world.
Ransomes Jacobsen has produced some of the industry’s most important firsts including:
   •    The first steam plough in 1856
   •    The first petrol lawn mower in 1902
   •    Britain’s first battery-powered electric truck in 1920
   •    The first walking greens mower in 1923
   •    The first rotary mower for home use with four reversible cutting blades in 1955
   •    The first tractor-mounted, power-driven, five unit gang mower in 1964
   •    The first riding greens mower in 1968
   •    The first self-propelled high work rate ride-on triple mower in 1974
   •    The first turf groomer in 1986
   •    The first all electric triple mower in 1994
   •    The first magnetic bedknife in 2004
   •    The first hybrid walking greens mower in 2007 and,
   •    The first hybrid riding greens mower in 2009

Thanks to our unrivalled understanding of turf maintenance, equipment from Ransomes Jacobsen is trusted to maintain some of the world’s most prestigious and sacred areas, such as royal palace lawns, legendary golf courses, cemeteries, monuments and football pitches including those at the World Cup. As we look to the future of our industry, Ransomes Jacobsen will continue to build upon our legendary history through Quality, Innovation and Green Initiatives.

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